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I followed the guide written by martijnthe.nl/2009/07/interfacing-an-optical-mouse-sensor-to-your-arduino/ and all was going well with it untill the update of my arduino programming environment which removed WProgram.h and now the library discussed in this demo no longer works. I have searched online and haven't found another working library yet and am looking for any help possible.

I'm working with the arduino uno and an ADNS-2610 sensor using arduino 1.0 programming environment and the Optimouse library from the guide linked above.


WProgram.h was renamed Arduino.h all references to WProgram need to be updated in any custom header files and user libraries.


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Thanks that fixed that issue. Now its asking for WConstants.h. Has this been made Arduino.h as well? If this all works the way it should i'll be able to post a pretty cool merger of the Vex and Arduino systems. Which i'll share videos of on the proper forum sub thread.

Edit: Nevermind. Fixed that issue as well. Thanks for the support.

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