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I am having a problem after I have updated the firmware on my Arduino Uno (non-smd).

I followed this guide http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/DFUProgramming8U2 to update the firmware on my UNO, because I was having problems talking to it from my linux machines. I have a non-smd version of the UNO, so I had to solder the 10K resistor to the underside of the UNO.

I didn't notice the problem until the power went out, the UNO is installed as a controller for my aquarium, mainly to control light levels via PWM LED drivers.

When the power is reset to the system, the arduino does not boot back up properly (the light's don't turn on). My code has a good bit of diagnostic output, so my next step is to fire up the serial monitor to find out what is going on... When I do this, the arduino resets as normal whenever you connect over serial, and it boots up normally (lights come on, normal serial i/o). This is making it quite difficult finding out why it is not booting properly.

Did anyone else experience anything like this? I designed this to easily recover and continute operation after a power failure (RTC, setable values saved in EEPROM, etc), and it not booting nullifies all that.

I should mention that I left the 10K resistor on the bottom side of the arduino, I could not find any information on if I should leave or remove it after the upgrade so it's still there.

I really don't think my code has anything to do with it, but if someone would like to prove me wrong you can find it here: http://nerdwork-reef-controller.googlecode.com/files/ledcontroller_0_4_1_dev.zip I would appreciate it greatly.

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