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Hi everyone,
    I'm fairly new to arduino and tinkering with electrical circuits so any help regarding my project that i am trying to accomplish would be really appreciated.
    I am attempting to control two linear actuators both 12VDC (no current rating specified) (http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/p/5186-10-Inch-Stroke-110-LB-Linear-Actuator-with-Feedback.aspx) with a dual H bridge (http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/Search.aspx?searchTerms=dual+h+bridge&submit=true) with both actuators subjected to ~ 50 lbs force (push and pull) at the same time. I am confused about couple of things.
1) what current requirement does the linear actuators have to run at its full speed ? (since the datasheet doesn't say anything i am confused about power selection)
2) Does the h bridge i have selected fulfill the current and voltage requirements for driving both actuators at the same speed ? do i need to custom build it? or is there any other kind in the market that i could use.
3) and  also, what kind of power supply will i need ? ( adaptor selection???)




"Input voltage is 12VDC and recommended fuse is 10 Amp."

That should mean that if your H-bridge can source 10 amps you will be OK.  I would guess the expected stall current would be somewhat less than that.  Note that these are rated for 20% duty cycle (only moving 20% of the time).
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Trossen has a forum where they may have some answers for their products. Firgelli makes a lot of linear actuators that might be of interest. Your h-bridge link does not go to a specific product.

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