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I have messed about with some of the stuff from RF solutions. I was going to make a wireless RGB LED controller. I have got a 4 way decoder + encoder that you can set to latching or non-latching, which is not very helpful because I needed 2 momentary outputs, and one latching to control the power to the PIC and the PSU that runs the RGB stuff.

I didn't get around to working out how to make a latch but its on my list of to'do's!


Ok Now that i managed to get a RF controller to work in my project ( this one contains relays ) I managed to get everything working on my mega 2560 ( with a few bugs ). I now tried to reduce the size using a nano v3.1, seems now the relays switch the code on press and release so what now happens is for every press it steps two. I am baffled.


I know this may be a dumb question but can i install a flip flop circuit between the rf  button signal and the digital input pin of the nano to eliminate the debounce. I think with the relays they are changing state too slow and misrepresenting the button presses



All mechanical switches bounce, giving what appears to be multiple button presses. Here is a library that will help with any mech. switch. http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/Bounce

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