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What a brilliant* table!

I notice there was a call to implement Tetris on it; but I'd also love to see it do:

- Game of Life (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway's_Game_of_Life)
- Pong (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pong)
- Space invaders (the original one)

* Pardon the pun

For people interested in the TLC5940 chip, Farnell have stocks, albeit slightly more expensive than RS. But if RS don't have any in...


hey and greetings!!!

very nice project....



very nice work joe!

I love it.

I think im next project will include some LEDS :)


Is there a build blog or maybe an instructables page?

I would really like to see how this all comes together using all these chips. Are there more pics or some schematics maybe?


I would like make the same, can you deposit plan & soft for this table ?


If anyone's interested, TI themselves seem to have decent stock of the TLC5940.  I just got 6 as samples due to me mistakenly ordering 4 chips after having already ordered 2 (and forgotten about them).

I only intended to take a small sample order, because what I really need for my final design are the 32-pin QFN version, but I can't fit QFN on a breadboard for testing, now can I? :P

Digikey has the PDIP version in stock at 511 count for $3.50 each if you're interested in buying.

As for my samples, I certainly won't complain about having too many.  I'm likely to break a few considering how clumsy I am, so it's nice to have replacements. ;D


Most impressive arduino project I've seen yet! :D I've got to make one!


I'm definitely curious about your Arduino Master & Processing code. I'm attempting to implement better control of my coat from a computer and wonder how you handled the bandwidth for that :-) I don't know if having an intermediary chip will be ideal, but I definitely am curious.



"I've been working on a LED coffee table , with 112 RGB led's underneath a frosted glass top.  This is accomplished by multiplexing the common cathode leds.  the red green and blue colors are on for roughly 2ms a piece, much faster than the human eye can perceive so it appears a solid color."

Wow, the LED coffe table are great, how long did you built it.


Excuse me

I have a problem then I need a TLC5940 expert

ww.youtube.com/watch?v=DIRebcf5_B4&feature=player_embedded    (add a w

this video is what I want to do

but I have no idea about this

Arduino + TLC5940

Can you show me the codes just 3 * 3 is ok

and .svg how you link

then I can read it to know that how do do it

can you send e-mail to st79824@yahoo.com.tw

if I have a problem

I will try to talk to you in english

Thanks a lot

I really want a expert to teach me how do do that


You probably want to start here:

It will walk you through all the basics, including some sample code. Once you go through that, if you have more questions, you should start a new thread in the Hardware Interfacing Section. If you search around you will also find some good info.


Very cool project, congrats!

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