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Wow, very impressive.  Definitely the best LED coffee table I have seen thus far.


The 5940 is pretty cheap - but when there are none available you can advertise them for whatever you fancy.  I've had an order outstanding with RS now for over 2 months. :(


Wow that is amazing. I just got started learning how to write programs and such about a month ago but the reason I even started was because of an idea I had that is pretty much identical to this. I've got a lot of learning to do but one day I'll get there lol. Amazing and well done.



Great project Joe! I'mcurrently trying to build a similar setup, but I was going to use PIC controllers instead and individual red, green, blue LED's instead of common cathode ones. I took a look at the code and schematic but I don't quite get it all. How is the master passing patterns to the slave? How is the Slave passing patterns to the LED driver? Could you send me a diagram of how the chips are wired together?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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