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I used a similar principle to make my panorama maker  ;D

I use 2 IR sensors, but one is just for keeping track of the center. The first routine is to calibrate the sensors (due the ambiental light changes)

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2000 cpi encoder using laser mouse ADNS-7550.
under $10
4-wire SPI, sorry if im pissing on your bonfire, but ive just bought some laser mouse chips from "mouser" , 7550, integrated laser diode, add on lens
just wired one up, the 7550 reports surface quality which allows you to adjust the position over the moving area to give optimum resolution and it doesnt require micro precision, i used bluetack to position it over a wheel.
fastened over a belt drive sprayed with gold metalic spray it gives a 75% surface quality reading, and reports distance with excellent accuracy, used for velocity measurment I think this is far better than any quad encoder. spi to 1MHz,


I am currently trying to use the ADNS 7550 in arduino, however I have been unable to find a library or write one from scratch myself. Would someone be able to post theirs so I could see how it's done?

Thanks in advance.

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