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Can anyone suggest a well presented easy to follow beginners text on electronic engineering, suitable for someone not well versed in mathematics. I am looking for a good introductory text that has a little meat to it.

Many thanks


Rob Tillaart

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Thanks. I've had a look over the content and general approach to learning, and well into the first chapter. So far it fits the bill. The deeper I get into Arduino projects the more I realise that to be fair there is a requirement to get a lot more than the basics under my belt.


The Forrest Mims books are quite good, though maybe slightly more juvenile, but I like them because they have lots of example circuits you can practice with.


I have completed 6 chapters of volume 1. The level of instruction is spot on. Very appropriate for beginners who are happy to get to grips with the essential maths. Pitched either way, it would either be missing something or loose its practicality.

I'll have a look at the Forrest Mims books too.

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