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i have just two questions about the pocket piano
im having just a little bit of trouble with the schematic
i don't know where to connect the two capacitors located near the multiplexer chips (vcc and grd)
(are they connected to pins on the capacitors or to the arduino)
there is also one located near the mcp 4921 chip

and secondly
where the sting of three potentiometers there is a vcc out and a pot 1
(i am wondering if that pot 1 is a typo and is suppose to be a GRD)


Please help!!!
thanks in advance for your time


The caps from Vcc to Ground are 'bypass' capacitors and are generally kept as close as possible to the power pins of the nearby chips.

I think you are correct that "POT_1" is a typo and they should connect to Ground.
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thanks for the tip
are pins 1 vcc
and 16 grd?
im having trouble finding the ic specs



Most chips have the power and ground on opposite corners.  In this case 8 is Ground and 16 is Vcc.
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Thanks Buddy!
may the force be with you  8)

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