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Total newbie. I am in position to have fairly simple mechanical device that 1. Activates stepper to drop food pellet 2. confirms pellet delivery into feeding station via photo electric sensor 3. wait until test subject starts to reach for food via second photo electric sensor 4. record successful retrieval of food pellet via both previous photo electric sensors clear state. 5 Loop back to 1. I know several ways from programmable to simple mechanical to achieve this. What I need to determine is if Arduino could also monitor the time interval between all of the events. Presently a dedicated Mac computer monitors and then loads data into IGor (lab data collation and graphing software)  routine to create timeline graphs to show learning progress. I want to create free standing devices that can then be polled by the Mac for the results of a feeding cycle. So there can be multiple feeding stations running simultaneously.
I am not asking for the design. That will be an enjoyable project for me. Just the feasibility.
Thanks for any and all insight. Including, if appropriate "Your nuts!"


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Can't tell whether you're nuts  :) (sorry, couldn't resist)

The project does certainly seems possible to do with an arduino. Speed, programming space and memory of an arduino are probably good enough to run/check several of those stations with a single duino.
It does depend a little on how accurate you want to measure time, but I guess you're working with animals and a millisecond will already be a good resolution. Arduino will, with a good program/hardware, be able to do a lot better as that.


and add a real-time clock module so that you can date/time stamp the readings

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