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Hey guys,

Im working on a home project in which i need to control hydraulic valves, position sensors, accelerometers etc with a Arduino. I want the interface to be one of the ezLCD products. ie. inputs taken from the sensors and sends commands to teh hydraulic valves as required. I would like the programs to be triggered by a GUI touch screen interface. Im just wondering if anyone has succesfully intergrated these two products together or should i not waste my time with it. Thoughts?



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Hi, I just ordered a ezlcd-304 to create the user interface of my arduino project, I know it's not the same as the -005 and -107 but if you are interested I can keep you up to date on the progress when I start working on it.


Have you considered the 4.3 " display from 4D Systems it's a serial display with a rich set of macro's for doing anything you want and a set of good libs for graphics, sd card ... if I had to buy another that's the one i'd buy.. and I own 2 of the 3.2 SGC already.

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