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Topic: I2C LCD works on Uno rev.2 but not on Mega rev.3 (Read 596 times) previous topic - next topic


My project works fine on the Uno, so I decided to get the Mega (rev3) for the next controller.
I cannot get the I2C LCD LCM015 to work on the Mega. The LCD works fine on the Uno but no signs nothing when connected to the Mega. On the Uno I used A4 & A5 on the Uno the SDA and SCL 20 &21. I am using an external pull up resistor and when I connect the LCD back to the Uno the code works fine.

How can I check if the I2C is damaged on the Mega? (measure voltage or other means? Besides the LCD I have no other I2C device)

Could it be a problem of the Arduino 023 compared to 022 I used for the Uno? I copied the libraries form the 022 directy to the 023 directory, since the standard I2C_LCD library wouldn't work with the LCM015 when I was working with the Uno?

Any help is highly appreaciated

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