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I have a little problem since the Arduino UNO Board ( Pin Tx and Pin Rx) works with 5Volts and this Bluetooth Module with 3.3Volts.

I would like to know what can I use to communicate this devices.

I hope someone can help me


Hi LuisFe,
I made the paperbluetooth for that module. And it works as Inizul says. You can see my Ecobot with android, with a range of 15 meters. http://vimeo.com/33332786
You dont need to solder pin 34. And also you don't need the jumper J1.
Good luck.



Thanks a lot!, nayma...Is there a way to get the code of that android app to understand the code ?


You can download the blueterm code. It's Java, you can modify it with eclipse.

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