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The Half-Byte kit is meant to be a fun project for parents and their kids to build and then learn to program or play games. It features audio and video output (using the TVOut library) and Wii Nunchuck support. It comes in two flavors: 'console' which is ready to play games or the Programmer's kit, which includes PS/2 keyboard support. The programmer's kit also runs Half-Byte Tiny Basic on the device, utilizing the video, audio and keyboard support for that retro feel. You can develop right on the device itself.

Half-Byte Tiny Basic is a variation of the wonderful Arduino Tiny Basic from Mike Field. It features graphics support (Line, circle, box and pixel level), Wii Nunchuck support, hardware control (for the experimenters out there) and standard Tiny Basic statements and functions.  You can read more and download a copy here: http://halfbyteblog.wordpress.com/half-byte-console-page/half-byte-tiny-basic-commands-statements-and-functions/ and here http://halfbyteblog.wordpress.com/half-byte-console-page/half-byte-tiny-basicinfo-and-download/

The download for Tiny Basic includes a short guide, but the programmer's kit includes a complete teaching guide for writing programs in Tiny Basic that children and adults can read and understand. The basics of programming are covered, like where to start, program flow, logic, and more.

I currently have one assembled and tested programmer's kit available on eBay and also have unassembled kits ready and avaialable on ebay as well:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arduino-ATMega-328p-Computer-HBC-2-complete-w-keyboard-Half-Byte-Console-/201128511828?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed4318954

You can see both the computer and Tiny Basic in action here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnyYWKAzBz5AQ6xUE6F1Cnw

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