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For your information,

I use
RushPCB http://rushpcb.co.uk
Sinomicro http://sinomicro.co.uk

Sinomicro is much cheaper. :)

Coding Badly

For your information, I use

I assume you meant to write "I am an agent who represents" rather than "I use".

Tom Carpenter

I've used this one before, and hey seem fairly reliable, and are based entirely in the UK (as far as i'm aware).

PCBTrain: http://www.pcbtrain.co.uk/quote-and-order-pcb/

(I have no affiliation with them, just a satisfied customer).


I just used a Chinese company, DFROBOT, that just started offering PCB service. They are an robot and Arduino focused company and the PCBs are aimed at small quantity. I live in the USA but the Chinese would, of course, ship to the UK. They were fast - 10 days from me emailing my gerbers to delivery at my door. The boards are very good quality. I have attached a photo of the front/back of my 60mm round board with a large hole in the middle. Including DHL shipping each board cost $3.39USD.

They require the gerber files to be in a very specific format. I use gEDA's PCB software and I wrote a simple script to rename the gerber files to match what DFROBOT wants. No problems!!


I'd like to get some boards made up
but I'm having trouble finding a fab or consolidator service

anyone got any hints?

(yes I tried google!)

TIA :smiley-eek:


I am new to the forum, and have just read your post.

We are based in Luton, so very near to you.

I appreciate that you asked the question in January, and the requirement has no doubt long since passed, but please keep us in mind for any future requirements.

We dont offer web based pricing, but we hear that is rarely the price customers pay, as there are exceptions with those offers. We are far more competitive than the 'well known' companies offering web based pricing. We aim to offer you a quote within 24hrs, and do so in 99% of cases.

We are ISO9001:2008 approved and work to IPC-A610, with many customers demanding class 3 due to their sector.


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