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I need help from somebody who is very good in the library stuff.

I have got a display wich uses K-line protocol to communicate.
I got all the data about this protocol: the power on test, data transmission, format of message, bit sync, confirm and end of transmission.
My problem is that i can't  write the lib, so if somebody would be so kind for me and write it, i would be grateful for it.
With the new lib, the other code is will be easy.

If somebody interestid please send me a message and i will send the complete stuff.

Thanks in advance.

PS: My English is not so good. Sorry for that.


I don't think it's fair to ask other to do work for you for free. This is a voluntary peer-support forum, so you can ask for any help, but should show the will to do most of the work by yourself.
What you are asking sound more like normal (paid) consulting work.

My english is not so good either ;-P


Well, maybe it sounds like i want to do my work with somebody else.
But i don't know how to write a library, and also don't know how to control the I2C ports (SDA, SCL).
The reason why i need the library is that i have a MID Board Computer in my Opel Astra F, it has the feature to display the stock radio's freq, or RDS Data. If i have the lib, i will write my entire code to expand my Board Compuer's functions.

I'm sorry for the mismatch.

PS: I am an Hungarian guy, and i rarely use my english.


Forget about writing a library to start with. Try and write a sketch to get the basic communication working. People will be much more inclined to help you if you've shown that you will do some of the work yourself.

Try here for i2c info - http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/tutorial-arduino-and-the-i2c-bus/

If you aren't prepared to do anything, post a request in Gigs and Collaborations (http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,26.0.html), and someone might do it for you.

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