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Ran Talbott

Not to diminish the coolness of this project,  but it actually has been done before.

A forum search for "chicken coop" will turn up a reference to other threads on the subject.  It would be a good idea to read them,  because there were some discussions of how to avoid accidental avian decapitation through lowering the door at inappropriate times.

As a matter of curiosity,  is this sudden interest in automated chicken care because of an effort I saw on the news recently,  where European cities give (sub)urban families chickens so they'll eat household food waste,  and reduce the volume of garbage?


I've seen post in the past in this forum concerning critter doors. One has to be careful to make the door "critter safe" while still meeting various design needs. The make magazine door looks cool but way overdone. The racoon lock probably could be eliminated by simply not giving the racoon a good way to grip the door to lift it up. Linear actuators have the power to be critter crushers.
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Linear actuators have the power to be critter crushers.

Don't have to use one, here is my solution to that problem. :)

(I know it is dirty, but won't clean it, have to smell as much of my cat as possible or others will come in, and the lock is not done yet, still struggeling with the rfid range being about 5mm :()
That is strong enough to hold the cats out, and at the same time not strong or big enough to hurt anyone.

My program is keeping an eye on the magnet holding the door closed at the same time, so 5 seconds after unlocking, it will wait for the door to close, and if it have been closed for 500 ms (not just a fast sving-by) it will turn the servo to lock position again.

This is only keeping other cats out, which is good enough for me, but two way can be made too, just cut away a bit of the plastic at the bottom, and the servo is then thin enough to go underneath the swinging door and reach the arm up on the outside of it, just make sure to somehow waterproof it then.
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Feeding the cat's mate's from the neighbours is part of the joys of owning a cat (or rather having a cat own you.......)   :)


Feeding the cat's mate's from the neighbours is part of the joys of owning a cat

Biggest problem is the nightly fights inside my scullery. ;)
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