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Ran Talbott

Feeding the cat's mate's from the neighbours is part of the joys of owning a cat

Not always:  not only have the two strays that have been sponging off me for years failed to learn proper gratitude,  they've added insult to injury by teaching one of my own to be leery of me,  too.

If I weren't such an incurable softy,  I'd move the kibble and water bowls indoors and let the ingrates starve.


I like the project-the neighbor's dog came over and killed all of our chickens a while back (at least the foxes ATE them lol), I might be doing something like this if we still had them.


Awesome! Just what I needed... and I thought I was the only person crazy enough to think of this.

The next thing I want is something that tweets when one of the chickens lays an egg!

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