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I have the same board (thanks Santa)
I read up on the different voltage levels of the board and the Arduino as well as on using the ethercard or EtherShield library.

In the end based on advice from http://www.electrodragon.com/?p=1112 I just wired it up directly and it works perfectly.
The ENC28J60 is tolerant of the 5V from the Arduino and the Arduino is tolerant of the 3.3v from the ENC28J60.

I did a bit of a blog post on the wiring needed for the different libraries here.  This explains how to wire up for the nuelectronics library and also the ethercard library.

I hope this helps.


I have embarked on a complete re-write of the library for the ENC chip.  I aim to make it support multiple connections to multiple ports concurrently - much more socket library like, while still  maintaining the object-orientated goodness of C++.

It's not a small task, but worth it I think.  I'll keep you posted.
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