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So I've made a festive little project using arduino and processing. It's called Christmas Twee and it basically allows you to tweet our christmas tree a colour and it will do its best to interpret it as an RGB colour!

Essentially what happens is I download the latest 20 @mention tweets of the @xmastwee account and iterates through searching each one for a colour in an array. When it finds one sends 3 rgb values from the same array entry down serial port where arduino picks them up and passes them onto a dmx decoder controlling 2 rolls of 10m RGB LED strips :)

Pictures and more in depth info to follow, but take a look and let me know what you think :D

Merry Christmas!


What a clever way to use the tweet.

Merry Christmas


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*arduino explodes, setting tree on fire*


it has heliotrope! you just need to do it with lower case! To have both upper and lower case it would double the size of the array so I just went with lower case since most people dont care much for grammar on twitter... 140 characters n all :)


That's an awesome project!


Thanks :D It was a lot of fun!


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Darn... my plan was foiled.

How about---

It just sounds epic.

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