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well I have been looking into going back to school for electronics, I had a nack for it in high school but my teacher thought I would be better suited for software developement (maybe cause I kept making computer games in class) and so that's what I did ...

but I never really liked it as much as electronics, and now that I am not doing software professionally ...

anyway the closest schools in my area are over an hour away, they do require your basic english math etc, what is pissing me off is there is a community college less than 10 min down the road, but most that I have checked with will not accept their credits, simply put because I am not giving them a bigger check and if they cant have it all then I cant go

the entire experience with "for hire" schools have really put me in a foul mood, telemarketing calls at 7:30AM, cant get a darn catalog without meeting them first, and no one seems to understand that I am 30 years old, the only money maker in my household, and working full time

I just cant drop everything for meetings and marketing pitches when I cant even get the student telemarketers to tell me if the offer night classes or offer me a meeting that is not on a 17 year old's "still living with the folks" mc donalds schedule

anyway still digging though the crap, sticking with it, hopefully start soon


I can't expect a very nice job unless I attend one of the 1st tier colleges

1) define "nice job"?  I've noticed that some people seem to have time for hobbies and such that are distinctly different than their "job", for instance, for which a job that actually doesn't occupy more than those official 8 hours/day is pretty useful, perhaps.  Other people find anything that involves working for someone else "distasteful."  And there is "startup" vs "security", and any number of other variables which match different people in different ways.

2) Bullcrap.  Several tiers of colleges will get you perfectly fine jobs.  After your second job or so, your degree is probably just a checkmark.  (though that FIRST job may be a bit more difficult to get.  Depending on your degree.  And the economy.  And who knows what factors may or may not be playing 4+ years from now.)

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