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Hi again, here is a new robot, with 2 legs with 4 servos each, and 2 wheels.



ok, i've discovered a bug in my api, it uses too much ram and the arduino dies on executing time.
i must re-code it to use progmen memory  >:(


Great job.  It's a very amazing walking bot.  This shows that the Arduino can do just about anything with the right parts and code.  :)
Buy a breadboard; it's worth it!


If you plan on extending your robot to more servos but realizes that the Arduino can't handle that many, i recommend you getting Lynxmotions servo controller. You can connect up to 32 servos to it, and it is not pricy either, it costs about as much as an Arduino board does. You control it via serial commands, so you can receive more processing power on your Arduino board as the servo controller does all the processing of servos.

This is a really neat project!


I am planning on taking on a similar project using eight servos, and I have been searching for methods of powering it. I noticed in your pictures and videos that you used a computer ATX power supply that was able to successfully power more than the amount of servos that I need. Could you give me the specifications of that power supply (mainly the wattage), how you modified it, how you wired the servos up (parallel circuit, I assume?), and maybe where to get one? Much appreciated!


What kind of motors (the model) are you using for the 4legged bot?
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Cool project but frightening at the same time. ;D Good work!


Hi, you coneccted the robot to external power because yours servos need more intensity, true? I'm working in hexapod but the servos are crazy and i'thnik is the 1000mA no are enough.


another question, Have you used a servo controller board?


Just me or did the 2 leg wheel bot remind anyone of this?




estoy interesado en la primera parte del bot que estoy haciendo una araƱa y hace que se mueva con 12 servos y ande, eso es lo que me interesa. Gracias.


Hi Mate, just found this topic after 3 yeas. LOL. you still working on this 4 leg robots? Any updates? I'd like to see if its working now?
Because I am building one now and having IK programs.

Here is mine:


Hi again, here is a new robot, with 2 legs with 4 servos each, and 2 wheels.


that reminds me of a vehicle in Neosteam MMO x3
a steamwalker moved about the same way using 2 legs on the front just like your robot XD

awesome stuff :)

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