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They both represent the maximum variation between two consecutive RC Pulses in 10 seconds periods.

What is the unit of the Y-axis ? 
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X Axis is sample number where a sample is a period of 10 seconds.

Y Axis is the largest deviation between two consecutive RC Signals in milliseconds encountered in the 10 second sample period - in an ideal world it would all be 0.

The signals are being read using the modified PinChangeInt code.

As I say, its very application specific but between my new servo library and other optimizations (blue line to red line)  and the modified PinChangeInt (red line to green line) the improvement is quite dramatic.

Duane B



I guess this also explains the peeks I have we discussed http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,129802.msg976347.html#msg976347.
as I still use the blue line and the whole scope is about 1 minute and  have 6 rc channels to read that comes close.
Or am I missing something?
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   No idea what was causing the peaks, why don't you try the code here including my new servo library -


I could use a friendly tester.

I would suggest testing outputs instead of the measured signal - thats the hard part getting highly consistent output pulses - the new servo library helps with this.

As this is now off topic I will start a new topic on the library in a day or two when I have a chance to document it a little more, but Jante, you should be able to find your way around it and have a go at testing in the meantime - if you can find the time.

Duane B

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