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This is just an oddity, doesn't much matter, but I notice that different computers give different results when viewing unread messages using the plus icon. I use several computers to browse the forums and where my windows 7 laptop will show me a couple of pages of posts, mere minutes later, my mac will show me four. Most perplexing.


Once a user ID has clicked on the + icon, the forum software assumes that you have read every thread. It does not really check again, until a new thread/reply has been posted.

So, if you open a thread, using the +, read a couple of items, and sign off, then sign on again elsewhere, and no changes have occurred to that thread, the + link will tell you that you have read everything.

Only when a new post or reply is made is the "new for you" status checked again.
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I don't think that's it. Right now on my Mac, I see fourteen posts with new content in the sensors forum. I tried the same thing on my laptop and I see three. The Mac's looking back to Jan 10th in this case, the PC only shows posts made today. Having come back to the Mac, it's still fourteen. Bizarre.

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