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Gobetwino is kind of a "genreric proxy" for Arduino. It's a program running on a PC (Windows only - sorry), that will act on behalf of Arduino and do some of the things that Arduino can't do on its own.  So it works like a go between, hence the name.

The current version is to be considered a beta version, it probably still has bugs in it, and have not been tested with Windows Vista or Windows 7

Download here:  http://mikmo.dk/gobetwino.html

Gobetwino is listening on the serial port, for "commands" coming from Arduino, and in response it will do something for Arduino and possibly return something to Arduino.

So what can Gobetwino do?  Using the defined command types you can create commands in Gobetwino that Arduino can ask Gobetwino to execute. With combinations of these commands you can do things like:

Start any program on your PC, either directly or via an associated file type.
Start Excel, send data from Arduino directly into the Excel sheet, save the sheet and email it, without touching your PC.
Send data to windows programs from Arduino, like it was typed on the keyboard.
Send e-mails to a POP3 mailbox and have Arduino react to the contents of the emails.
Log data directly to a CSV file on the PC, so the data can be used in spreadsheets or databases.
Download a file from the internet and have Arduino ask for a specific line of data from the file.


It's very good :) It will make easy to do some things. thanks


I'm looking forward to playing with this, it sounds very good.

You allow pinging of remote hosts, why not "finger"?  That would be a great way to send small amount of data from a unix server to the arduino.


i'm not sure the .net libraries implements the finger command.

I will check it out.



I will test this for some projects in the future.



More than 200 people downloded Gobetwino in 36 hours.

I have created a blog to share information on this project.


Not much there yet, though :-)


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Thank you very much for developing this and sharing it with the community. I'm sure to find useful things to do with it.


PS: Great program name choice, very cleaver.  ;D


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Hmmm...  I tested with notepad and it worked fine.  but it didn't work in a game i tried it with.  no response at all (but it gives positive response in GoBetwino (0).  is it possible to fix?  

http://dfyb.net/GoBetwino_Test.exe can be used to test, to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong.  press "A" key to make the bar rotate.  i can't get GoBetwino to do it.  

edit: i found a workaround.  in the .exe, i made an edit box that GoBetwino could type to -- i then capture the characters in the edit box to trigger the action.  still weird that it can't trigger it directly, though.  


Searched the site with 'GoBetwino' and found this thread. I discovered Gobetwino here a couple days ago and it is THE BEST!!!

I am definetly an Arduino and programming NOOB but it only took a few (OK...several...) hours of reading,cutting and pasting until I have a 5 channel temperature reading arduino posting numbers every 10 seconds in an Excel file...that Gobetwino opens and 'talks' with.

It even allows me to send 'Shift+alt+;'  as a string from the arduino to insert the current time in the highlighted cell. The PDF instruction file is very complete, and has the answers.

I will continue to scour this forum and the GoBetwino forum for more info.

MikMo - Once again- WONDERFUL product. ;)


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I have been trying to use Gobetwino in my camera controller script to log the settings for each photo that is taken. I don't have much scripting knowledge and have butchered my script from other peoples work :)

I have my script export the frame number, a delay variable and a solenoid valve delay variable.
Everything works perfectly, as long as I do not change any of the variables from their defaults.
I get the following via the serial monitor / Gobetwino

Now if I change the 2nd or 3rd variable I get nothing outputted via Serial.print and my script freezes causing me to reset my Arduino.

I have tried using the logfile example from gobetwino and call it via
logdata(); with the variable hardcoded into void logdata, also with logdata(var1,var2,var3); etc and I get exactly the same result.

I am sure this is an issue with my code and not gobetwino. The script is too large to post here but can be found here http://bambi.ws/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/CamCon_Solenoid_logtest.zip

Any ideas are appreciated.


Nice!  When my Arduino project for work is finished, ethernet and home automation is where i wanna go next.  Downloaded Gobetwino and read the docs.  Thanks MUCH for a massively useful interface.

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