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I just completed my first project on the Arduino UNO, and I'm looking to port it to the LilyPad. However, I'm not sure how to go about this? On my UNO, I'm using an accelerometer (AXL345), which I saw is available for the LilyPad, but then I also need to use a battery and several pins. I'm currently using two digital pins, two analog pins, two ground pins, and both the 3.3v and the 5v pins. Eventually, I'll also need to add Bluetooth. Is there some tutorial, or some way I can do all this on the Lilypad?



The 13 Digital and 6 Analog pins are the same on the Lillypad and UNO.

If you are feeding the UNO with 5V (or more) and expecting 3.3v out of the 3.3V pin you will need to find another way to power things.  The lillypad usually uses a battery pack with an output in the range 2.7V to 5.5V.  If you NEED 5V you can use a higher voltage battery pack and a voltage regulator.  Once you have 5V you can add another regulator to get 3.3V.
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