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hi guys,

I've tried to make a data logger for a gps receiver and used this code:

  myFile = SD.open("POS.txt", FILE_WRITE);
  myFile.print("Satellites in view: ");
  myFile.println(gps.satsinview(), DEC);
  myFile.print("Lat : ");
  myFile.print(" Lon ");

this code section is in the loop function so it repeats it self endlessly
I haven't made any safe remove function in the code .

after using this code once, my sd card became unrecognized in any card reading devices (arduino card reader, my laptop card reader, my camera)
because of that I can't format it or use it.

does someone knows how to fix it? and\or avoiding this problem in the future?



after using this code once,

How long for.?
Opening the same file and writing to it over and over seems to me a good way of wearing out your SD card.


I used it for about 20 seconds before I shut it off. (it needed to access the file about 20 times)
so you say that in this case I need to open and close the file only once? (opening the file in the setup and making a safe remove function to close it)

do you know if I can save the card and make it work again?


I used it for about 20 seconds before I shut it off.

20 seconds should not have damaged your card. Of course, we can't actually see how many times you wrote to the card in that 20 seconds, but I can't imagine having written more times than the card can be written to in just 20 seconds.


It might have left something part written or you I terrupted something critical. However if you are not able to format it then I assume it is dead.
Have you tried a low level format using your disc utilities?

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