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I am a kind of new Arduino user and trying to wire e2v MiCS - 2710 gas sensor http://www.e2v.com/e2v/assets/File/sensors_datasheets/metal_oxide/MICS-2710.pdf to my Arduino Mega.

Please help me connect.




There needs to be a 1.7V supply to pins 1 and 3, which should take about 26mA.  The sensor output resistance can be measured as part of a resistive divider, datasheet suggests the normal (no NO2) resistance is around 2.2k rising up to the megaohm range in higher concentrations of the gas.

So for the sensor something like pin 4 to ground, pin 2 via a 22k resistor to +5V - also connect pin 2 to an analog input.  This should register a wide range of output voltage from 0.5V or so up to close to 5V.

Without any information to the contrary I would suggest connecting pin 1 to GND and pin 3 via 100 ohm and 27 ohm resistors in series to 5V.  The heater is nominally 66 ohms, and rated for 1.7V.  Having the 127 ohms in series from 5V should give it the right current.
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Thanks a lot Mark, I will wire it and get back to you next week.



I'm interested if you managed to get the MiCs- 2710 reading No2 with this setup - I have tried it and I only seem to get a static number? Any thoughts - thanks so much - Helen

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