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Hi All,
I'm new to steppers, starting out with a ProboStep board with a Uno.  The ProboStep states that the logic is negative for the step lines so I would assume I have to run that signal through a Schmitt trigger between the Uno and the control input on the board, is that correct?  And using the 'Stepper(steps, pin1, pin2)' function which pin is for direction and which pin is for step?
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Negative logic means that LOW means 1 and HIGH means 0.  Its expecting the step line to have 0-going pulses but I can't see this being a problem as all sensible controllers toggle the step up and down after setting the direction so it won't matter whether the rising edge or falling edge does the trick, one of them will...
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A schmidt trigger is used to clean up a signal. I think you might have meant an inverter.

You are going to get negative to positive, and positive to negative transistions of your step and direction signals from the Arduino so there should be no problem.

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