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I want to develop a board with to ATmega inside, on 2560 (The main MCU) and an acessory MCU (ATMega 644 or inferior) to burn the main .HEX present in the SDCard to the 2560.

I want to understand more of how is the code burn in to the MCU memory so i can, do the code for the acessory MCU to read the .HEX file from the SDCard and burn it into the 2560 program memory.

Where can i learn more about MCU memory program burn all process?



And when you do understand more you will find that it is imposable.


Any way, I'm sure that I saw a bootloader that reads a HEX file from the microSD card and writes it to the flash memory.


Mike, I have seen where the Arduino is used as an ISP to write ATtiny chips with hex files made for them. The tiny doesn't have a bootloader. The same method can be used to write 328's w/o boot loader. And it's all done with a few wires/pins.

So why can't one chip program another?

I find it harder to express logic in English than in Code.
Sometimes an example says more than many times as many words.


Yes, you can use a board as an ISP, which can then program another.

And would it be that hard to edit that code, for what the OP needs?


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