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Hi all you bootloader dudes,

I've searched the forum on this error: "avrdude: usbdev_open" when I try bootloading my new chip. It seems not depend on what chip it is, it's generic.
I've seen many people have this problem, but I never found the solution to the issue. Maybe I missed something.
I've seen references to this ADABOOT program, but I get confused just looking at the code. What do I do with it?

So, is there a solution out there I wonder?

Thank you and Best Regards

Anders Dejenfelt


If it doesn't depend on the target chip it is probably a fault in your OS setup.

Did you try rebooting your PC?

Do you have the proper USB drivers installed for your device?
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Since I'm quite able to upload new code to a standard ARDUINO MEGA board without any problems, it seems to me that the computer communicates quite well with a standard ARDUINO board.
In this case when I'm trying to load the bootloader to a "fresh" ATMEGA328, using an ATMEL AVRISPmkII programmer, I'm not sure. The AVR Studio is installed OK, and the driver routine for the programmer is installed. My computer is running Microsoft XP, and it indicates that the driver routine is there.

Is it possible that the Arduino software somehow does not find the driver routine?

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