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ok so i have a question currently the leds are getting + from the bottom one than the one on the top, and the - just goes straight to ground, can i make a spare pin ground. so then i can power 1 led at a time


Well yeah you can, maybe you'll require a lot of wires then? Try adding some resistors for safety, yesterday I blew up a big LED because it was directly connected to the power :(


Try adding some resistors for safety

You mean "Try adding some resistors cos you need them"


what i mean is have pin 13 which is controlling the left 2 leds
and have another 2 pins to act as ground which i can turn on and off, say if pin 2 is the ground for all the top layer
so if i pin 13 is HIGH and then have pin 2 on what ever i should put it on to accept the ground the top left led should turn on



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Have a look at Charlieplexing for inspiration:

Notice the resistors.  :)


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