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hi guys,

I looked for a cheap gsm module and bought this one:

after I received it I notice that it much more complected to deal with than I thought and that the data sheet is for the module and not for the all board.

I'll happy if someone who worked with this board with an arduino before can give me a hand with:
1. connecting guide of the board to the arduino
2. working with the board how to's (the data sheet has a few hundreds pages and it's written more like a commands list than a datasheet)
3. maybe an example program for sending sms or so.




Dont be panic, in fact it is very easy to seend sms with this modem.I'm using it and it works very well.There is a library for that see here http://code.google.com/p/sserial2mobile/.
The modem works with just AT commands so for testing you can use your pc to just test it and try the AT commands and then move to arduino, just connect the serial port of the modem to your COM port on the pc and use the putty or another hiperterminal client you wich.
The baud rate by default on the modem is 9600 bps.
After power it up when you write on hiperterminal "AT" and them press enter you should get a "OK"
then just give him the at command to seend the sms(see manual)
I have a project using it so if you have troubles I can give you some parts since my project is very big
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thanks for the info.

However, after having a look to that library, it seems developed for phones...

my Siemens TC35 (revision 3) is in its way... I will try it...


You can still use the library for that.
For testing use this AT Commands

AT+CMGS="####" where #### is the phone number you want to send the message to followed by a CR which will give you a prompt.

You can then type the message you want then follow it with a CTRL+Z (that is CONTROL button and Z button pressed together)

Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Nano
Arduino Duemilanove
MAC OS Montain Lion
Raspberry PI Model B


First day working with the GSM module... many problems...

First, that library does not work for me.

I included #include <Arduino.h> to avoid compatibility problems with Arduino 1.0.   ]:D

After that I still have an error:

In file included from SSerial2Mobile_Example1.cpp:11:
C:\Users\Francisco\Documents\Carpeta Mágica\Arduino\arduino-1.0\libraries\NewSoftSerial/NewSoftSerial.h:73: error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual void NewSoftSerial::write(uint8_t)'
C:\Users\Francisco\Documents\Carpeta Mágica\Arduino\arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Print.h:48: error:   overriding 'virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)'

Any help?

Thanks in advance.


I have one of these modules and am looking at using it to sms GPS data as a backup system for a logger.
Does anyone have any pinouts for the module as I dont have the arduino board. I just need to know which pins to connect to for pwr gnd tx rx and sim.
Any help appreciated


i just got a TC35 also ....

But am unsure how to power it ... dont think it can take power from the Arduino so I was looking for a suitable transformer ... but this is all new to me
Let me know how you intend to supply power to it ..

i did find this manual, which may help you


3.2 Power supply
The power supply of the GSM Engine has to be a single voltage source in the range of
VBATT+ = 3.3V...5.5V. It must be able to provide a peak current of about 2A for uplink

thanks, glenn


I also found this



anybody help me how to wire the tc35 to the arduino ?



just experimented .... Seems to work if I just connect the TX and RX with the Arduino .... along with a suitable power supply for the tc35

I can at least send SMSssss


Mmmm , my SMS's always arrive on the other phone with an invalid date ... the phone shows a date of 1970 ?
I am puzzled...  :~


Ah , another discovery ... I was sending the SMS as a Flash  SMS


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