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Author Topic: Ignore specific forums  (Read 562 times)
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It would be really nice to be able to "ignore" complete forum sections.

For instance, I have no interest in the "international" forums.  It would be nice if I could automatically exclude all posts from these forums in the "unread posts" section.

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It would be nice.
Too bad it won't happen.

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I configured my RSS reader to read this forum. I feel it works like a charm.
this link gives you all the posts in the "using arduino" section.
If you only are interested in a new topic you can use (replace recent by news)
You can change the boards numbers in the end to include or exclude boards. You can see the board number on the forum page by looking at the url for each board
for instance the board "programming languages" has url,4.0.html so this is number 4 and included in the links above.
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