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Have seen black FR4 copper clad bored for light blocking, night vision and aerospace applications at an industrial level, but is there anyone retailing Coloured copper clad on a smaller scale?


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I have an old radio shack branded 8 bit isa sound card (my first sound card ever) but its so cool cause its on a jet black pcb and the mask is clear so you see bright tinned traces all over it

very slick, always wanted to find some of that stuff


I never knew they made colored copper clad boards.  I always thought they just creatively solder masked..


I've seen Blue, Red, and Black from this eBay Seller:


As well as some non-FR4 material that was essentially white.  I've bought from them several times now and been pleased with the material...


Thanks westfw, just ordered from abcfab as they were willing to ship to the UK  :)


You can always dye your own boards, here's a good video by Kat of Sonodrome who shows us how to make coloured PCB's using dyes:



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