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I build a few breadboard power adapter. Two small one, just connect the power from a wall adapter --> wall wart and a 5V regulator adapter with a reset circuit built-in with option Vin, 5V, gnd ---> check the jumpers.

Here the pictures of the small board.


Here the pictures of the regulator.


nice, simple design. looks good!


Thank you. It will help me to prototype my circuit a bit better/faster. This product give me the inspiration to make one. http://www.makershed.com/product_p/mksb016.htm



LOL... Yep... I don't want to cook the regulator in case it aproching 1 A. The regulator is a L7805CV. It can take 1 A.

I am sorry that during the design the board, I did not take into account the size of the heatsink I was planning to do. I use that heatsink, because the other I have are smaller.

Safety first...


I think just getting a 5V wallwart might have been easier.
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I did try that wall wart...from Sayal and cost me under $3.00 ca  :P   CrossRoads.  I put a dummy load ( 220 ohms ) and the voltage get lower ( around 4.75 V ) and at no load ( around 5.5 V ) ... Not to good in my opinion. But you notice my first picture ( the two small  PCB breadboard adapter ), it is design to use a wall wart, even the 5 V, and other PSU ( rectifier and big cap ) <-- the one you need to screw the wire in. I made those adapter too.   


Taking heat into consideration is a good thing, but WOW!


Heh... The picture just make the heatsink look big...


Update : 

I just finish an another DIY breadboard power adapter. This one is design to use a dual power supply, + / - and another + side. And it got switches to turn  ON or OFF. It fit the breadboard power line, it have on each line a 0.1 uF and a 10 uF cap. The switches can from harvested e-garbage.

Here a picture

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