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I build a few breadboard power adapter. Two small one, just connect the power from a wall adapter --> wall wart and a 5V regulator adapter with a reset circuit built-in with option Vin, 5V, gnd ---> check the jumpers.

Here the pictures of the small board.


Here the pictures of the regulator.


nice, simple design. looks good!
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Thank you. It will help me to prototype my circuit a bit better/faster. This product give me the inspiration to make one. http://www.makershed.com/product_p/mksb016.htm



LOL... Yep... I don't want to cook the regulator in case it aproching 1 A. The regulator is a L7805CV. It can take 1 A.

I am sorry that during the design the board, I did not take into account the size of the heatsink I was planning to do. I use that heatsink, because the other I have are smaller.

Safety first...


I think just getting a 5V wallwart might have been easier.
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I did try that wall wart...from Sayal and cost me under $3.00 ca  :P   CrossRoads.  I put a dummy load ( 220 ohms ) and the voltage get lower ( around 4.75 V ) and at no load ( around 5.5 V ) ... Not to good in my opinion. But you notice my first picture ( the two small  PCB breadboard adapter ), it is design to use a wall wart, even the 5 V, and other PSU ( rectifier and big cap ) <-- the one you need to screw the wire in. I made those adapter too.   


Taking heat into consideration is a good thing, but WOW!


Heh... The picture just make the heatsink look big...


Update : 

I just finish an another DIY breadboard power adapter. This one is design to use a dual power supply, + / - and another + side. And it got switches to turn  ON or OFF. It fit the breadboard power line, it have on each line a 0.1 uF and a 10 uF cap. The switches can from harvested e-garbage.

Here a picture

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