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You can also stack two computer fans on top of each other to increase the amount of blow,  not sure if more would have any more benefit than two.
Computer some fans can be powered from 9v to 24vdc with  58 CFM, 4350 RPM,  80 mm Fan.1  80 CFM 2

Of if you need some real grunt. 600 CFM @ 0.000-In SP, Voltage 115 AC, 60 Hz, Single Phase. 3  A bit harder to control as it would require a relay that you turn on and off to vary the speed.
Could hack up a fan speed detection system to have greater control over the fan speed.

Or there is the model aircraft fans and controllers a 4 and Fans(push force of maybe 3-5 kilos)


thanks strykeroz, that yahoo api is exactly what i need!! And yeah i have discarded the leaf blower idea in exchange for a fan after people pointed out it would be very loud, which is true...i'm in the UK so don't have Walmart but sure i will find something similar.


In the US you can get a rotary knob incandescent light dimmer for ~$5, which might control the speed of the fan. The dimmer knob could be rotated with a servo.
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have a look at this project too. it might not help with the technical details (unless you asked Tao himself) but it might help your thinking....



personally, i think making a test before embarking on the main piece is always a good idea. with this in mind i'd grab an old computer fan or two and start experimenting with PWM.


Yeah I am currently in the process of experimenting with dc fans and PWM.
The 'virtual hole' is really cool, gave me a lot of inspiration, thanks for directing me to it!

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