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Arduino prototyping is a lot of fun. After testing around a bit I combined a couple of prototyped things in a moodlight:
  • A Second-hand Philips infra red remote control
  • A infra red receiver (TSOP 1738)
  • A handfull of leds
Movie and sketch down here:http://sites.google.com/site/projectarduino/blog/remotecontrolledrgblight


Cool... I have been experimenting with moodlights recently and I am also currently working on one but I'm afraid I'm not going to reveal anything about that at the moment...

I did one with a touch screen for controlling the colours and relative brightness a few months back...



Hi John, looks good! Those 6 LEDs should give you a lot of light power.
Mood light was my first serious Arduino project as well. I built it into an existing looking light fixture, with a diffuse glass bowl.

Do you have interference problems when you use other IR remotes? My setup gets confused for a while, then after a while resumes operation...


I think this could be a new topic... All mood lights made with arduino... There must be loads which could help people when designing their own...



When holding or pressing a button repeatedly the software gets confused. It waits for infra red data which is not coming. Because there's a timeout built-in it does not stop changing the colors. I mean: that's not visible.

The cause in my sketch: It reads the IR signal and while interpreting the data, the next IR signal is underway already which it then starts reading halfway down. It should have a thorough check for the starter bits.

This also happens when using two remotes at the same time (Philips RC5 and a Sony).

I guess we are in need of a well-written infra red library. Ken Shirrif published one over here:http://arcfn.com/2009/09/arduino-universal-remote-record-and.html. But I did not manage to get that one working, had something to do with using another pin than suggested in his sketch. As it was my first project, I decided to read the IR data 'by hand'.

Although my solution works good enough in this setup it's not as good as a dedicated (hardware) receiver. In fact, in my next project in which I try to control stepper motors with the remote, I'm having problems. The stepper is not running smooth.
So now I'm trying Ken's solution again and thinking about writing an interrupt routine which gets called when IR data is available or run the stepper using interrupts...


Hi John,
I was thinking of using the Shirrif library. You mentioned that your problem had something to do with using another pin,  were you  able to get his demo sketch to work using the standard pin?


Let me know if there's anything I can help with.  The library should work with any pin as input, but it requires pin 3 for output (because it uses a specific PWM timer output).

Ken Shirriff


Hi John_NL,
Im curious as to how you got the Phillips decoder software for the remote. I ask because Im thinking of a new project involving IR and know nothing about it. I recently bought a PS3 and (if you dont know) they lack an IR interface only bluetooth, so a universal remote cant be used. But with a lil insight into what you did I might be able to use my arduino and a bluetooth modem to make a universal remote work instead of buying a new remote.



Hi John_NL,

great job!!! Used your code for my DIY moodlight in FADO body:


BTW: I don't have a TSOP1738, yet. So I left IR control out. But it's my next todo on my list.

Keep up the good work!
Whatch http://de8msh.blogspot.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/de8msharduino

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