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So if  i understand this correctly, with the original code and so on, information could be send to the screen by putting it between "[  ]" and sending it via serial? e.g. If i were to setup everything (i.e. sparkfun breakout board and arduino) all i would need to do is to connect to the arduino via serial and start sending information to the screen i.e. "[hello world. This is a test]" ? How would you put up information from within a script? Those were the things i wasn't exactly clear on. Doing all the research before i buy one and i have no idea how to make it work. Considering making an OSD for FPV but the guy earlier seems to have given up the project. I would have loved to find out how he made it work.


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personally i just used the serial output sketch to test my
wiring.  keeping unknowns to a minimum..

if you take a look at the sketch included with the library by kg4wsv

its functions much like any lcd. you can write to it from
anywhere in the program with commands like

osd.write_to_screen("hello world. This is a test", 3,9);  
(3,9 start being location)

or values with    osd.print(SomeValue, DEC);

i havent played much with it myself. i just used it for a rather simple
timestamp overlay box.   that now works  and is put away ;)
i posted my RTC example sketch in my previous post.

might upgrade to using a GPS input for time. as im having issues
with my real time clock accuracy..

(currently have 6 of them running on a breadboard to pick the best crystal..  and this is at room temperature.  Sigh!. )


Hope that clears it up a bit!.
think of it as a serial attached LCD..



First off thanks for the response, it was a big help. I eventually went back to the beginning of the thread and began to understand it a bit more. Trying to make an OSD and just doing the research first. Planning on using a gps library and the one of this one to do an osd ..... seems workable so far just need to get the components. I wish i knew how they did the moving graphics thing (i.e. The heading indicator band) or could get some sample code for that.


Well, I kept working on my OSD, and here's a video: http://vimeo.com/12883185

My code is a bit of a mess right now, I'm not using kg4wsv's library, because I started the project before it was finished. I'm not sure how it can help anyone, I can put it up on line somewhere if you really want it.

I would suggest that you have a look at Remzibi OSD, which is probably the best out there in terms of documentation and free code and applications for drawing animated sprites and stuff. I stole some graphics from them for my OSD: http://www.happykillmore.com/Software/Faq.asp

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