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I think it's even possible using an atiny and controlling the LCD via I²C.
there are examples of how to program the atiny using your arduino.


Yes they can be had cheaper but Bootloading for the novice (read me) can be a confusing topic that's why I find it worth the extra couple of bucks to get the one that is pre-bootloaded without having to yet learn those extra pieces of the puzzle.

As far as the ATTiny. You run into a couple of the same problems. For the beginner, programming the ATTiny is not quite as obvious as sticking a 328 in the UNO. Also, unless you buy the serial 7 segment display you are not going to be able to I2C it. And the cost difference between the Parallel and Serial displays is profound when you consider the minimal cost savings of going from a 328 to a tiny.

So for the absolute beginner as the OP (and myself) claim to be, the 328 is the way to go. Simple, yet elegant and CHEAP! Almost any enclosure that will hold the 4 digit 7 segment display will be big enough for the 328 and its peripherals.

I am developing on the UNO right now (I have had it for exactly 3 days but have researched it for a long time now) but due to size constraints will ultimately move to the TQFP package so all of these things will soon become very important to me but for now, as a novice, simple is better.



If you need a little board with minimal parts for the TQFP, take a look at the Mini-uino at my signature link.
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Imagree, simple is better and 2 bucks is no big issue. I ordered them and the boards which were $1.75 each.
Thanks for the help..


Well the money saved by installing the boot loader yourself depends upon your business model, but do you really need the boot loader? It is possible to take the HEX file generated by the compiler and burn that directly into the processor. It will run your code every time you power it up. You won't be able to update the code using AVRDUDE, you would need a programmer. But you seemed to indicate you won't have a USB interface anyhow, so why not just deploy your product without a boot loader at all?

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