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Thanks.  I've been to that site many times.  Downloaded their Port Forward Tool...no njoy.  I can get to it from my iPhone, or any other computer(wired or WiFi) that is on my network.  But still cannot get to it from 3G from outside my "cloud".  Thanks for the suggestions...I'll keep plinking away.

Haavard GJ

what type of router do you have? i have not tryed to reach it outside the network but it can be that you have a dynamic ip-adress. if you have dynamic, then you can go to http://www.dyndns.com/ and get a free account so you can still acsess the network even if the ip have changed


 Thanks for your help.  I have a Linksys WRT54G.  Tried the DYnamic DNS website.  Have a logon just need to look at the site some more to figure how to make it do what I want. I am wondering if maybe Port 80 is blocked by Comcast.  the sketch has the IP and Port defined, with the Port in the sketch set at 80.  When I try the IP of my Cable Moden with the Arduino disconnected...it sends me tro the LOGin page for my router.  Plugging teh Arduino in lets me control from within my network.  When I try from just 3G on iPhone I receive Server not responding error.

Haavard GJ

Maybe you shoud try to use some other port on your arduino... try to use for example 84 or something that is not used for the router instead, then it will not be an conflict with the port.

I think that may solve your problem.


try port 8000 i know the local cable company here blocks 80 so we have used 8000

another thing you may have to set up is the port forwarding on the router

Here is a neat little free program i use that will check to see if you have a port open and working (i think they also have a list of all the routers and what settings you need to change)

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