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Dear All,
Good morning to you .
I am new about Arduino and not absolutely experience .
I have tried to use a TFT ili 9341 display with  Arduino nano.
I downloaded some example, circle is ok .
But when I try the example below , I have
the error " undefined reference to simple font "
Please can you help me ?
Sorry for my ignorance but I want to learn ..
Thank You very much

include <stdint.h>
#include <TFTv2.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <fonts/allFonts.h>
void setup()
    TFT_BL_ON;      // turn on the background light
    Tft.TFTinit();  // init TFT library
    Tft.drawChar('S',0,0,1,RED);                // draw char: 'S', (0, 0), size: 1, color: RED
    Tft.drawChar('E',10,10,2,BLUE);             // draw char: 'E', (10, 10), size: 2, color: BLUE
    Tft.drawChar('E',20,40,3,GREEN);            // draw char: 'E', (20, 40), size: 3, color: GREEN
    Tft.drawChar('E',30,80,4,YELLOW);           // draw char: 'E', (30, 80), size: 4, color: YELLOW
    Tft.drawChar('D',40,120,4,YELLOW);          // draw char: 'D', (40, 120), size: 4, color: YELLOW
    Tft.drawString("Hello",0,180,3,CYAN);       // draw string: "hello", (0, 180), size: 3, color: CYAN
    Tft.drawString("World!!",60,220,4,WHITE);    // draw string: "world!!", (80, 230), size: 4, color: WHITE


void loop()


I guess you are using the SeeedTFTv2 library?

Where does the line:

#include <fonts/allFonts.h>

come from?

That is not in the example within the library here!


Ciao a tutti ,
grazie  per l'aiuto che mi hai / avete dato .
Purtroppo non ho ancora risolto il problema ,,,
Ho un arduino nano con un dispaly TFT ILI 9341
montato e tutto ok con esempi quali  draw circle , draw rectanle , ma quando devo caricare
un testo ( draw string )  ricevo messaggio di errore :
undefined reference to simple font .
Per cortesia potete aiutarmi .
Qualcuno ha gia ; tentato di farlo ma data la mia poca esperienza non mi e' stato
chiaro .
grazie mille a tutti , ciao


Dear Friends ,
Neverthless the help obtained , I havent'been able to get the ili 9341 display working with
drawnumber or drawchar or draw string .  I am usin an arduino nano
No problem with  draw rectangle and circle .
I had a look at some suggestion but since my poor experience , I didn't understand ...
The error that I obtain is :
undefined reference to simple font .
Thank you very much to all for help


Where did you get the TFTv2 library from?

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