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Massimo Banzi

yes. give us time to finish the launch :)


Congratulations on the launch. Its good to see a hardware page, stock in the shop, and availability on a couple of online retailers, and its still only a couple of hours after the launch (which seemed to be at noon, western Europe time).

Also congratulations on the prominent warning about compatibility with 5V shields.

Paul Stoffregen

Congratulations!  I know how much work this is....

When you have a moment, please remember set the github repository to public, and update the "source code to the Arduino software is hosted by GitHub" link.  Currently the link points to the 1.0.1 IDE source.


Thanks for sharing this.
I was looking for the code and only found old info. It made me think my knowledge of github is less than I thought. 8)
Best regards
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Massimo Banzi

The repo opens later today. there are a couple of blog posts that have to be released before


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