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i have an aquaium and would love to create something simliar would you be able to offer and schematics or guidance on this i have create a couple of arduino devices myself to got a good idea how to do most things


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loneranger, schematics are all in my mind but i will gladley give you guidance and a helping hand.
First you need to learn how to control a graphical KS0108 LCD, MEM from the forum has created a great library. In the playground you can find details about how to connect and get started on the KS0108. Read and learn how to use it.
I recommend that you buy a KS0108 LCD that is proven to work already according to the playground.

To get a KS0108 to run you will need to connect several pins to the arduino board, therefore i suggest to get the Arduino Mega. It has a slim design and even more ports and memory then my set up based on a ATMega 644.  

Check out the link previously about the touch screen and order one from deal extreme or maybe you can extract one from a old phone or other device that is scrapped. Create a on/off menu with icons to prepare for next steps.

Next step is to get your communication working, seeedstudio has a great price on RF 433Mhz :
This is the part that may get tricky but if you look at the Virtuaed Wire library documentation you will find that all there is also presented in a user friendly way : http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/VirtualWire.pdf

Set up a slave arduino with a tx/rx RF and use your touch and KS0108 to switch on/off a led.

Then the rest should be a matter of time and patience or ask for help and i will support.
Did this get you started?

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