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Privet!! Ty sluchaino ne russkiy?




i have an aquaium and would love to create something simliar would you be able to offer and schematics or guidance on this i have create a couple of arduino devices myself to got a good idea how to do most things


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loneranger, schematics are all in my mind but i will gladley give you guidance and a helping hand.
First you need to learn how to control a graphical KS0108 LCD, MEM from the forum has created a great library. In the playground you can find details about how to connect and get started on the KS0108. Read and learn how to use it.
I recommend that you buy a KS0108 LCD that is proven to work already according to the playground.

To get a KS0108 to run you will need to connect several pins to the arduino board, therefore i suggest to get the Arduino Mega. It has a slim design and even more ports and memory then my set up based on a ATMega 644.  

Check out the link previously about the touch screen and order one from deal extreme or maybe you can extract one from a old phone or other device that is scrapped. Create a on/off menu with icons to prepare for next steps.

Next step is to get your communication working, seeedstudio has a great price on RF 433Mhz :
This is the part that may get tricky but if you look at the Virtuaed Wire library documentation you will find that all there is also presented in a user friendly way : http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/VirtualWire.pdf

Set up a slave arduino with a tx/rx RF and use your touch and KS0108 to switch on/off a led.

Then the rest should be a matter of time and patience or ask for help and i will support.
Did this get you started?


thanks for your support i have got the screen and touch digitizer on the way. i ordered the rf kit from seeduino so hopefully i will be able to get started on designing my menu and features i hear the ph phobe has a complicated schematic


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RF kit from Seeedstudio works great and the pricing is just fantastic as usual.
Notice that you need one kit for every module so you can send and receive but i assume you figured that out already.

There are several solution to the PH sensor. In my case i already had a PH sensor from Weipro and i was to cheap to buy additional PH probes and components to get it working.
I simply hacked my way in to the Weipro PH sensor.
But there are several good solutions to PH sensors:

For the water level i used a regular floater:

The temperature is measured with a 1-wire component.
Library and more about it is found in attached link.


Hi HULK!! I`m sorry for may bad english.I`m Russian.
I have a question about how do you send some AT comandds  to your mobile? From arduino?


Yes i use my Arduino, check below link for details in another thread.
Your English is good, my Russian is very very bad...


got my screen and ds touch got them all wired up and sarted designing my menus but not too sure how i use the touchscreen for hotspots is there any code you can share with me to help with this



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First you should look at attached link if you already have not done so

Make sure to define other pins for the touch that will not be the same as for the KS0108.
Use the code example from above and run it, if you start the srial monitor you will notice that if you push on the touch screen you will get a X and Y coordinate. Find your spots on the screen where you like to have buttons and note the coordinates.
Then to define a button on the screen just use below in your menu sketch.
Code: [Select]
if (touched() && touchX < 870 && touchX > 770 && touchY < 660 && touchY > 560) {do something}


Where did you get those relays? What are they rated at as far as output for amps and volts?

I am looking for some relays, and I can't find any good ones.



your project is amazing.
I've done something similar, but less less more easier.

your can see some photos here:

I think i will get some inspiration of your work and rebuild mine.



GnobarEl Thanks for your comment!
Sadly i do not understand Portuguese, but with the help of google translate i can understand that you are controlling a food feeder  8-)
Now i need to add that to my list of things to manage with my set up .

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