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Yes, thats it.
It also have a graphic with food conteiner quantity.
An advice, try to get a waterproof steper motor. Mine stoped working because of the water.

Soon as I have some free time I will rework on this project to make a new version.


Try to youtube your project when you feel it is ready for it.


can you share your code so we (I will) take some ideas?
I would like to analyse and study it so i could take some ideas for my project.



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Well, the problem is that my code is to big and will not fit here.
i could send you a mail with parts of it.
Or maybe somebody could help me to share it on a webpage?


thanks for sharing it, it will help me alot improving my project.

You can send a zip with all code by email, I sent you a PM with it.
you can also share it on a free file host, like rapishare, megaupload or hotfile.

you choose :P

if i can give you more help just ask.

Thanks for sharing it!


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