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Hi all,
       this days i m working with MEGA ADK kit. in this kit i have USB host port which connected with MAX3421e .... so i have some queries
1. I have to plug external power supply for USB communication?????????
2. how could i can see the USB data or can say USB OUTPUT. i think there must be tool for USB simulation.


1. It's probably a good idea, unless you know what you have attached to the usb host port won't try and draw power. If you attach a phone, for example, it will try and draw current to charge. If you attach a camera, it probably won't.

2. Haven't we been through this? I couldn't find a usb simulator, when I looked last time. I did find a usb loopback box though, which I posted last time.


what i have to for this error...
OSCOKIRQ failed to assert
This is the error of frequency ...... so could u tell me what i have to do for this


i think this problem has reasons
1. PPL function is not working......so what i have to for this


Try Googling. There seem to be a lot of others having the same problem.




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