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My first Arduino project it's a MIDI player it also can display lyrics but not demonstrated in this video please let me know what you all think as I will now be dismantling this project for next one.  



You need to get some protoboard/stripboard and keep this  :D

Pretty cool stuff.


so, You send a sequence of midi commands from SD card? come on, write  that MIDI commands one by one to the flash and increase the address with a counter. Why to bother arduino?


Jan 11, 2011, 09:58 pm Last Edit: Jan 11, 2011, 10:53 pm by Popsworld Reason: 1
It's a standalone midi controller you can load hundreds of files on one card plug it in to your device and play any of the files, like for backing on stage without a computer.

Just like an MP3 player but for MIDI.

It uses stranded midi files on a stranded fat16/fat32 SD card,

So just buy or download midi files load them on to the SD card like and mp3 file and play your keyboard, pipe organ even lights can be controlled by midi, this allows me to just plug and play without booting up a computer.



great job!!!

building with manufacture PCB made as commercial midi controller.



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