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i love the different modes. you just owned a tun of super expansive 18 servo hexapods. this thing looks so fun and almost feels smart. i really like it.


Wow great job on that! Also the video! (poor cat lol). Ingenious design too. I haven't played much with servos (yet, and on that regard this was really inspirational). Thanks for posting this!


@liudr, thereĀ“s no "stalk" mode but could be easy to program... Now, the robot (in autonomous mode) becomes "tired" start to move slowly until it takes seat. Robot start to become bored and you need to put your hand over to make it happy. Then it jumps and continue walking and avoiding obstacles... Simple behaviour but enought to entertain the childrens  :D



That's insanely cute!


Bad news.  I think the cat ate two legs when you weren't looking.

;D I also noticed that
Sorry God members, I'm an atheist.


Awesome little bot! Gives me lots of ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.
10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10

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