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Hi all!

I have the same Acer netbook and know that my warranty expired the second I added RAM :'(! I was thinking of tankgirls "bluetooth" hack using the extra IO's and onboard power, but, this hack looks pretty tasty instead. When I travel, or am just bored, I play with one of my Arduinos, usually Pro Mini as it is easy to carry with. I like how you put it onboard even better!
It might not be able to utilize all the functionalities like when it is breadboarded to things, but, when you're just passing time, playing around. Nice!
I suppose I might drill netbook case holes and hotglue in LEDs hooked to the IO's to test. Then get home and run the program true on my breadboard setup for real.  

Still a reasonable hack! Thanks! ;)


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Thanks all for the compliments and comments.  :)
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If you have room to add a RJ45 punch down that would provide 8 ports. Using/creating a simple network cable with 8 jumper cables allows for breadboarding.  The port would also also allow you to make external devices that plug in.  

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