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NTSC video out library

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I have uploaded a zip of beta1.0 for TVout there have been many many additions, also there where a few changes that break current sketches see: for complete details. The video pin was also changed to pin7(m328 arduinos mega is on a7) to revert this change if you have created custom hardware comment out this line in hardware_setup.h #define ENABLE_FAST_OUTPUT, however doing so will not allow for the newer higher resolution methods.

[*]Revamped font engine to use less flash memory. select_font() must be called see wiki for details.
[*]Full print system for all data types, no more print_str instead use print().
[*]rewrote draw_circle faster uses different arguments.
[*]removed draw_box replaced with draw_rect faster easier.
[*]added draw_row very fast horizontal line drawing.
[*]added draw_column very fast column drawing.
[*]added force functions for startline outputdelay and vertical scale.
[*]remove fs_bitmap and replaced with general bitmap function.
[*]added shift function to move screen in any direction.
[*]delay now takes ms delays, delay_frames still takes frames.
[*]millis replacement returns ms since begin was called.
[*]added 4 and 3 cycle render routines for horizontal resolutions of up to 256.
[*]added vertical and horizontal blanking hook functions for automatic polling.
[*]added end function to clean up system.
[*]started lowering memory footprint

There is also a polling serial library in this release.  I have not documented it however once setup it works just like the standard hardware serial.  Look at the example to see how to use it.


New toys, and it's not even Christmas yet!  Those linedrawing routines are about to get a test, should drastically speed up the update rate on the video spectrum analyzer jobbie.  There's a whole slew of projects I'm going to base off this, being chomping at the bit for the new release.  Please let me be the first to congratulate and commend you for bringing the new rev to fruition!

Bravo!  I really find the lib to be one of the most useful I've ever encountered-  great stuff.

actually draw_line will use the faster methods when it can.

Also for your spectrum analyzer i would try to write a fast poll system to be called once per scanline via set_hbi_hook().

Heh... small problem with your release: you forgot to include the fonts directory- the files (as used in DemoNTSC) of the fonts as well as fontAll.h must be in the main tvout library directory.  Without them the compile fails... they'll need to be included or the lib's not going to work

When I copied the files (.cpp & .h) from the source respository it compiled fine.  Looks like you just forgot to move them into the .zip of the lib... you'll probably have it done by the time you get the msg ;)

Swapped the resistor over to pin 7, perfect.. looks awesome.  3d cube rotation.. cute!  Now to port over my own stuff and see what new things I ought not to do, but will do anyway..


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